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Get up and running with your first sensors

Learn how to set up a Data Connector, how to access the APIs, and get some tips on tools worth checking out.

Getting started

Study the API in detail. Learn how to push sensor data to your application using Data Connectors.

API reference

Do you need sensors? The pilot kit contains everything you need, including access to the API.

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Guide: Sending SMS notifications

Node-RED + Twilio

If (thumbs-up button pressed):
  sendSMS("Another vote for the new coffee beans! 👍")

If (water pipe temperature < 2 C):
  sendSMS("The pipe is in danger of freezing! ❄️")

If (fire escape door is opened):
  sendSMS("Someone just opened the emergency exit door! 🤦‍♀️")

This guide contains everything you need to do the above without writing a single line of code by using Node-RED and Twilio deployed on IBM Cloud.

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Guide: Sensor data into Microsoft Azure SQL

From Azure Function to SQL table

Step by step guide on how to setup a Microsoft Azure SQL database for your sensor data and configure an Azure Function to insert sensor data into the tables in this database.

This guide can also be used as a starting point for an SQL backed PowerBI integration.

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5 minute integration

Our Data Connector is a simple and secure way to stream sensor data to your system.

Installation guide

Covers the practical aspects of setting up a sensor system in any location.


Find the help you need to get the most out of your sensor system.