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Concept Overview

Concepts in Disruptive Technologies Cloud

This article explains the key concepts you will meet in Studio and the API.



  • All sensors are assigned to an organisation at shipping time.
  • Organisations owns and are billed for a set of sensor projects.
  • Default project named Inventory will receive shipped material.
  • Users with Administrator Role for an Organisation can access all projects of that organisation.



  • All sensors and cloud connectors are placed into projects.
  • Access control happens on project level.
  • In Studio, projects are the top level navigation.
  • Most API methods only operate within a given project.
  • Projects can be configured to publish their sensor data to defined endpoints via DataConnectors
  • The predefined Inventory project receives new material



  • Labels can be used to associate information to sensors, either as only a key or a key/value combination.
  • Labels are indexed and searchable
  • Possible use for labels :
    • Label sensor with external Id for simple id-mapping.
      DataConnectors can be configured to include selected labels in every delivered event for this purpose.
    • Setting location code on the sensor to be able to look up all sensors in a given area
    • Workflow states, such as not_installed etc.



  • Robust push based integration
  • Tell us where to push the data for a project.
  • On errors, we will retry.
  • Only requires an HTTPS endpoint.
  • Basic auth or signed messages

User Accounts


  • User accounts are global. When receiving membership invitation to an Organisation or Project, users can sign up with their email.
  • Users may have access to projects from different organisations.
  • Roles within project defines which operation a user is allowed. E.g “Read Only” vs. “Admin”

Service Accounts


  • API use only happens through service accounts.
  • Authentication of service accounts happens through key/secret information.
  • The service account represents an external domain system. It can be granted access levels to any project or organisation.
  • Create one service account for each domain system accessing the API to manage the data access for that system.
  • All operations possible through Studio can be performed via the API.