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Using the Sensor Emulator

If you don’t have access to a physical Sensor yet, it’s possible to use the Sensor Emulator.

The Device This allows you to add all kinds of Sensors in your web browser, click on them to emulate a touch press or even drag a slider to increase the temperature for a temperature Sensor.

To open the Sensor Emulator for a specific Project:

  1. Navigate to https://studio.disruptive-technologies.com
  2. Go to Manage Projects and select the your Project
  3. At the bottom of the Project overview, press OPEN SENSOR EMULATOR

Note: It’s important to navigate to the Sensor Emulator via the Project page, as all Projects have their own Emulated Sensors

To add an emulated Sensor, click the up and down arrows to select the type of Sensor and then press “+” to add it.

Sensor Emulator

All emulated sensors, as well as the view to add new sensors, are accessed by pressing the left and right arrows.

Once added, you can see the new Sensor in your Project in https://studio.disruptive-technologies.com. If you press it or interact with it in any way, you will see the updates in Studio.

Sensor Emulator

When this Getting Started guide instructs you to press the Sensor, simply press the emulated Sensor instead to get the same response.