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API Reference

The Interactive API Reference

It is possible to do real calls to the API below without installing anything or writing a single line of code.


Before you can do your first API call you need to authenticate:

  1. Press the Authorize button on the right,
  2. In the pop-up dialogue, press Authorize again and then close it.

If the lock on the Authorize button is locked, you’re good to go.

‘Try it out’

To, for example, list the projects that are available to you:

  1. Go to the Organization and Projects group and expand POST /projects
  2. Click Try it out and then Execute

Tip: For most API calls the Project ID is mandatory. In the response from the /projects example above, the Project ID of a Project is the part of the Project Name after project/, e.g. b8rsrqnh2nqg00c0s9bg.

Also see our curl article on how to use curl to explore the API via the command line.

Sensor Emulator API

For the Sensor Emulator, see the Sensor Emulator API Reference.

API Changelog

Please find the latest changelog at the bottom of the page.

Error Codes

Please see all API wide error code documented on the Error Codes page.



  • (API docs) Document the connection limit for API streams.



  • (API) Custom HTTP request headers for Data Connectors.


  • (API docs) Corrected that max page size of the /events endpoint is 1000, not 100.


  • (API) Changed from nanosecond to microsecond precision in returned timestamps.


  • (API docs) Added undocumented feature of filtering /projects based on a search query and/or by organization


  • (API) Moved API out of beta. The main entrypoint to the API is now /v2 instead of /v2beta1



  • (API) Added a boolean field to Projects that indicates if this is the Organizations Inventory Project or not


  • (API) Fixed so Touch Events appear in Temperature and Proximity Sensors’ reported field



  • (API) Change response of /projects/{project}/devices:transfer to align with /projects/{project}/devices:batchUpdate



  • (API docs) Removed Emulated Device API and moved it to separate spec. file and documentation



  • (API docs) Clarified that LabelsChangedEvent is currently not supported when listing historical events
  • (API docs) Added description of Data Connector to :stream
  • (API docs) Corrected error in :transfer example
  • (API docs) Consistently use ccon as Cloud Connector type
  • (API docs) Add TouchEven and ConnectionLatencyEvent to Cloud Connector reported
  • (API docs) Fix ConnectionStatus available field to correctly be array of strings
  • (API docs) Renamed labelChanged and LabelChangedEvent to (the correct) labelsChanged and LabelsChangedEvent
  • (API docs) Added cellularStatus and connectionLatency to Event’s event_type
  • Added this changelog