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Sensor Emulator API Reference

This API can be used to create and manage Emulated Devices.

Emulated Devices can be used to generate the same kind of events that real Sensors and Cloud Connectors generate, such as Touch Events or Connection Status Events.

Using Emulated Devices are perfect for end-to-end integration tests or when wanting to try out the rest of the Disruptive API without access to physical devices.

The Interactive API Reference

For instructions on how to Authorize and use Try it out, please see the main API Reference article.

API Changelog

Please find the latest changelog at the bottom of the page.

Error Codes

Please see all API wide error code documented on the Error Codes page.



  • (API) Moved API out of beta. The main entrypoint to the API is now /v2 instead of /v2beta1



  • (API) Removed the PATCH method on a Emulated Device. To update labels use the Device API.



  • (API) Moved main Emulated Device API URL to https://emulator.d21s.com/v2beta1
  • (API) Changed Emulated Device types to match those of the rest of the API (from BUTTON, THERMOMETER, PROXIMITIY and CLOUD_CONNECTOR to touch, temperature, proximity and ccon)
  • (API) Removed outer event type wrapper in the :publish method. E.g. { "touch": { "touch": {} } } is now { "touch": {} } to match rest of API
  • (API doc) Added this documentation
  • Added this changelog