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Getting Started

How to set up a new kit from Disruptive Technologies

  1. Connect the Cloud Connector


    The Cloud Connector sends the data from your sensors to the cloud. Plug it into an outlet and wait about 1–5 minutes for it to start up.

    help Troubleshooting Tips

    Visit CCON help center to see an icon overview for the Cloud Connector

    Visit our Cloud Connector Help Center to find troubleshooting tips.

    Plug the Cloud Connector into an outlet
  2. Get Project Access


    You should have received an email inviting you to a project. Follow the steps to complete registration, and you are all set.

    help Can't find the email?

    • Check your spam folder to ensure the email didn't end up there
    • Contact the person in charge at your company and ask them to invite you from Access Management in Studio
    Find email or ask to be invited to project
  3. Open Studio to See Your Live Sensors


    Your sensors are ready to sense the world. To see what they are reporting, open up Studio, our solution for quickly managing sensors and their info.

    Go to Studio

  4. Organize and Place Your Sensors


    What do you want your little sensors to report? Here are some tips on placing them; you can also just leave them in the box for now.

    Ensuring Coverage

    As long as a sensor can reach a Cloud Connector, it will update with the current signal strength any time you press it. By bringing a smartphone with Studio open, you can verify coverage by pressing the sensor at its intended location.

    Peel and Stick

    Since the adhesive backing is very strong to stay in place anywhere, we've included some mounting putty (aka Tack-it, Blu Tack, patafix, häftmassa, lærertyggis, kitt, etc) for less permanent installation. You can also use magnetic tape where possible.

    We also recommend reading our detailed installation guide.


Developer site

Our developer documentation is the easiest way to learn how to integrate the sensor data with your application:

Developer site


Please send us your comments and suggestions! You can register issues and file suggestions directly in Studio. There you can also easily create and attach a screenshot.

mail support@disruptive-technologies.com

Info sheets & known issues

Navigate to our support site to find data sheets and issues we're working to solve. Log on with the same username and password.